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-Wrestling was popular among the men.

-Wrestling could be won by throwing your opponent 3 times or by forcing him to surrender.

-There was 3 Wrestling events at the Olympics. -1st event was wrestling.

-2nd event was boxing.

-3rd event was Pankration.

-Biting and genital holds were not permitted.

-Wrestling was on the 4th day of the Olympics.

-The Pankration event was Wrestling and Boxing put together.

-Like the modern sport an athlete needed to throw his opponent on the ground, landing on a hip, shoulder, or back for a fair fall.

-Breaking your opponent's fingers was permitted.


-Boxing started in 336 BCE

-Their wear wet leather thongs wrapped around their fists to fight.

-Boxing was on the 4th day of the Olympics.

-The fighters get many cuts due to the gloves there opponents.


-Discus was on the 4th day of the Olympics.

-People gathered around a small area called the Balbis. The Balbis was marked off by a stone starting line and by rows of pegs on either side.

-The thrower could take as many steps as needed before releasing the Discus.

-Who ever threw the Discus farthest would win.


-Long Jump is on the 4th day of the Olympics.

-The purpose of this event was to see who could jump the farthest.

-When the people jump they wore heavy armor with weapons.

-Long Jump started in 664 B.C.E CHARIOT RACING:

-Chariot racing was the most dangerous Olympic event.

-Chariot racers had to race several times around the stadium.

-Chariot racers had 2 to 4 horses.

-At the start of the chariot race the horses are released from a special starting gate.

-40 Chariot racers could race at a time.


-The length of a Horse race was about 1,200 meters.

-The Jockeys race the horses while naked. Accidents were common.

-The Jockeys were often employed by the horses owners.


-There were 4 different running events.

-1 was racing in armor. The others were Stade (Stadium) racing, Dialulos racing and Dolichos racing.

-The Stadium racing was 192 meters. Racing in Armor was 192 meters. Dialulos racing was 2 lengths of the stadium.

-Dolichos racing was 20 – 24 lengths of the stadium.


-The Olympics honored Zeus and other Gods.

-Winners are presented with an Olive Wreath, Palm branches and woolen ribbons.

-They might have a statue erected in the Honor of the winner.

-Prizes were given the 5th day of the games.