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Now that I have finished telling you about the Sports in Ancient Greece let me tell you about a few famous athletes. Melankomas of Caria was a boxer. He was a Victor in the 207th Olympiad in 49 AD. He was known for his handsome body and good looks. People said he had a soul as brave as his body. Melankomas was undefeated in boxing. He could fight a whole day without stopping even on a hot summer day. Melankomas exercised far more than his other opponents did. He was so strong that one time he kept his arms up for two days without putting them down. Melankomas died at a very young age.

Here's another story of an incredible athlete named Polydamas of Skotoussa. Polydamas was a Victor in the 93rd Olympiad in 408 BCE. He lived in a city in Thessaly. He had a very tall statue of himself even though he was small showing that he had a lot of confidence. He was a Pankratiast, which is a person who Boxes and Wrestles. He was very well known for his athletic ability. He was like a bull because his feet moved so fast. One time he stopped a Chariot moving at high speeds and kept it from moving forward. Polydamas fought a group of three men called the "Immortals" and was victorious. He also once killed a lion with his bare hands. He died when a roof caved down on him and his friends. He was able to hold the roof up so his friends could escape but he couldn't escape and he was killed. Doing this report helped me find out all I needed to know about the sports and athletes of Ancient Greece. It made me realize how amazing some of these athletes must have been, legend or not. Now that you know about the Ancient Greek sports and the wonderful athletes that performed in them, I hope this will make you continue reading to find out more about the Greek Wonders.